When you book your casual staff with Elite Hospitality Solutions, staff will arrive as requested, fully uniformed and ready for work. They’ll be experienced, enthusiastic, courteous and very importantly they will be focused on your job at hand.

By calling on us to cover your peak trading periods, emergencies and even holiday relief, you will have constant access to Sydney’s most sought-after catering staff and you will control your labour costs.

We ensure that our staff;

  • Guests must feel welcome at all times to leave a lasting impression of our warm friendly service.
  • Always smile and greet guests by their preferred name when interacting with them.
  • Never discuss personal business in public areas.
  • Always wear their uniform with pride and check their appearance regularly whilst on duty.
  • Always wear their uniform when on premises.
  • Do not stay on establishment’s premises if not in uniform.
  • Do not visit colleagues on other areas of an establishment.
  • Do not make personal phone calls whilst on duty is not permitted.
  • Must have neatly styled hair not touching the collar.
  • Who have long hair to be tied back off the shoulders and face.
  • Who have accessories for hair should be small and black only.
  • Keep nails clean, neatly manicured.
  • Have at a maximum, one earring per ear.
  • Do not nose rings or facial piercing.
  • Keep jewellery should to a minimum
  • Have wedding and engagement rings to be no more than one dress ring is to be worn on either hand.
  • Do not wear perfumes or colognes with a strong fragrance.
  • Are clean shave daily.
  • Pay particular attention to oral hygiene
  • Arrive for duty clean, after daily shower or bath wearing an effective antiperspirant / deodorant.
  • Maintain clean hands through frequent washing.
  • Uniform is both clean and neatly pressed and worn.
  • Have no visible tattoos.